Baskin Robbins in Midtown West

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Baskin Robbins in Midtown West
ADDRESS: 360 West 31 st
OFFICIAL CITY NAME: Manhattan (New York City)
CITY: Manhattan (New York City)
ZIPCODE: 10001
PHONE: 212.904.1160

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YOU MIGHT NEED TO ADJUST THE STREET VIEW MAP (ADDRESSES AREN'T 100% ON THE MARK). Many times you have to turn the map to across the street.


Kashrus warning[edit]

The kashrus of the ice cream in this makom has been questioned:

Some flavors are under the KVH, which is no longer a reliable Hashgacha according to the OU.

Opinion 1: The store itself does not have a Hashgacha, but most of the ice cream is kosher. Just be sure to have them rinse the ice cream scooper before serving you. (This is fine because the ice cream is cold.)

Opinion 2: The workers at Baskin Robbins often do not wash off the scoops that are used for different flavors. This results in non-kosher flavors being mixed in with kosher flavors. In such a case, the ice cream from a kosher tub could not be eaten even if the worker washes the scoop before scooping out your portion. (The non-kosher ice cream doesn't become "batul.") Many rabbonim therefore say that it is asur to eat from an ice cream shop that carries non-kosher flavors.

Ask your Rav before eating here and ascertain ahead of time that the person with you also follows that opinion.

The Dunkin Donuts is NOT kosher.